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Created on 2012-10-27 20:30:00 (#1765008), last updated 2013-10-01 (211 weeks ago)

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Hello everyone!

My name is Astray (here and on NaNoWrimo), but I am also called Tristana ( and Lokesa (deviantart). Yeah, and some others. I had to chose.

I am a fanfiction writer, and I first started publishing my stories online in 2006. I did so on, and still doing so. However, due to their current attitude towards M-rated fanfictions, I will post here all my stories.

I write mainly for Assassin's Creed these days - and do stalk the kinkmeme for that. But I've had multiple fandoms, writing in French and English.

As for what I write, typically:
-slash - or yaoi, depending on what you make of these terms. And I mean smut.
-crack. I am a crackfic lover and there is nothing more I love than trolling Ezio. For instance.
-I can also do angst, gore, slightly/very disturbing things, though I don't think I go too far. Anyway.

What I will not write ever:
-cuddly, lovey-dovey romances. Just no.
-Het (and certainly not het-smut, I'm that much of a fangirl).
-Shota. I did something of a kind on an FMA fanfic but it still doesn't sit well with my years later.

What I like:
-FEEDBACK! Even if it's to tell me my grammar is all over the place. But really, there is nothing I like more than know people's opinion and talk about writing, fandom and just plain anything. /end creeper moment
(The rest, like coffee, tea, chocolate and so on...just too commonplace to mention.)

What I don't like:
-Flames, it makes me feel back for the flamer/troll when I have to decide 'whether they should live or die'... Ahem... nope, I'm not singing.
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